Grey Cross

aka グレーの魂の輝き (Grey SoulShine)

  • I live in In a Constant State of Delusion
  • My occupation is Welding the Chaos and Balance of this World
  • I am Lucid as Clear Water, And Dark as Light
  • Grey Cross

    It took you, to make us realize there is five fragments forming one soul. Or, what used to be one soul. For these fragments, have split off, but are at peace with each other. Much like the EU union, they are a union. Not of countries, but more rather, a union of souls.

    Grey, is the top part of the cross.

    C0ns3qu3nc3, the downward spiral, is the b0ttom 0f the cr0ss.

    X3r0, th3 right sid3.

    The memories of who we used to be, and what we once were.. The unseen, and unheard left side.

    In the middle, is all of us. C0mbin3d 0nc3 m0r3, as Jordan 0f day and night.

    Thus, we are s3arching f0r our way across our 0wn path 0nce mor3. And that is a pleasure.

    But it t00k a c0mbin3d 3ff0rt, t0 r3aliz3, th3 li3s and mistak3s w3 mad3; al0ng the way.

    We are sorry. http:…

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  • Grey Cross

    H3ll0, 3v3ry0n3, my name is C0ns3qu3nc3. A pl3asur3 t0 m33t 3v3ry0n3 h3r3. H0w d0 y0u do?

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