• I live in a strange world
  • I was born on March 2
  • I am master of cupcakes
  • Dawnofnowhere

    Well I thought an update would be needed since well this will organize my thoughts I dont exspect people to read this >_<

    So moses has been keeping close to me again.... After what happened its terifying but I can atleast figure out what hes up too

    Jay Jay (Or Jasmin that other draugr girl at school) has been all over me "makeing me cofertable in my new role" shes a real strange girl

    after a fight broke out between Moses and Jay Jay I got attacked cuz I was in the middle

    it tempirarily stoped my vissions kida scarry but their back so more crazy nonsence of that

    I think I need to ballance them out..... Reality and visdions blur I wander while haveing vissions... Not good.

    Hope things get better and no one thinks Im stupid for typeing all this.

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