Name: Irene

Title: The Recruiter

Nationality: American, United States

Proxy Type: Agent


The Recruiter

Chess Piece: None

Serves: The Tall One

The Recruiter is not a member of the Collective, but is a Proxy either way. She is sent by Him to blend in with society, whether that means participating in regular everyday activities,social life,online chat rooms or other forms of social media. They are currently watching numerous people and users in order to decide who may be a candidate to become a Proxy, or to become a victim. She creates elaborate lists of the victims that are chosen to later be reported to Him.


She shares residence with family members to make blending with society easier.

She can have a calm personality, but is still to be considered dangerous.

Her loyalty to her Master is strong. She does not fear Him.

She prefers to work alone because she does not hold trust for humanity anymore. She is to have very few known allies other than her recruits.

Wherever she goes, she leaves the Operator Symbol in plain sight or in inconspicuous locations.

She always carries a concealed knife of some sort due to her distrust of people.

She enjoys playing mind games. Her sadistic personality shows often. But she also tends to act as a voice of reason in certain situations.

She now knows quite a bit of important information on many different subjects that is now contained in a black journal.The things that she is said to know, is surprising.

Things happen to the ones on this list of is best to stay on her good side. The list is reportedly growing.