Alias/Title:The Madman


Proxy Type:None.

The Madman is a Proxy Hunter and the "Voice" of the Legio Album, a proxy-hunting organization. He is easily identifable by his hoodie with a Operator Symbol crossed out. He also has a interest in the Voices and the Black Journal.

Excerpt from Optic Nerve DocumentsEdit

"A three-man team was sent to Rosswood Park in order to search for objects affected for Sigma Radiation. Upon arrival, they were met by a unknown entity in a sweatshirt marked with a crossed out S-Walker symbol. The entity then proceeded to point to a red tower and left the area after mission was completed"

"Unknown entity sighted at Optic Nerve Outpost Alpha. Entity left a small folder of documents from other S-Walker hunter organizations after breaking in."

"Memo:The sweatshirted entity is to be referred as Hunter Sigma. Encounters are not dangerous to Optic Nerve operatives but caution is advised as to not anger it"

"Memo: Hunter Sigma has it's face, height, weight, eye color, hair and build change in each sighting. Taking all previous sightings into consideration, We propose two possibilities:1:It's a X-Class entity capable or 2:Multiple people use it's identity.The recent actions of the S-Walker have left us with little choice with our dwindling resources and time:We are to kill any Hunter Sigma entity on sight."

"Alantic Test Site was raided by a Hunter Sigma entity. Files were recovered about the Princeton Experiment.  Termination of entity was completed but Files were handed over to similar entity(Hereon called Hunter Sigma-B) and Hunter Sigma-B escaped with the files."