Name: Summer

Title: The Hidden

Nationality: Australian

Proxy Type: Unknown

Serves: The Tall One


The Hidden is part Primordial, making her incredibly powerful. She is a cryptic individual, who would rather observe and strike from the shadows.

It is known that she is in fact kin of the Slender Man, granting her immense protection and power. She discovered this after asking him directly, his response providing enough information to know that The Hidden could easily be one of the most influentual Proxies to date.

The Hidden is rarely within her proxy state, but it has been proven that the state can be triggered as a result of emotional and/or mental trauma, such as stressful events, seperation from loved ones, aggrivation and rage. This state can only be stopped by the Slender Man himself, or close cohorts.


  • She has abilities such as umbrakinesis and invisibility, and is yet to inherit more.
  • The Hidden is known to be Bipolar