The Closing, aka Nobody ImportantEdit


TheClosing sitting with TheKnowings computer.

Name: Unknown

Title: The Closing

Nationality: English / British

Proxy Type: Voice

Serves: The Devil Voice

Aka Nobody important, of the Eyenein.

He is not a Slender Man Proxy, he is another of the Voices of The Ouija Man, Arthur. He is known to kill an infected victim once they have fully become a Voice. A murderer of his own kind.

Facts and SpeculationEdit

  • His real name is unknown because he does not have a real name.
  • The Closing was involved in the "Claiming of The Nameless"
  • He will appear at random even when his victims aren't home, but more likely when they're home alone.
  • He was going to murder the wiki user: TheKnowings once she had become a Black Eyed Voice.
  • He is currently watching certain wiki users.