Stitches, recently heard of proxy. Personaly one of my favorites

Stitches is a fairly new "discovered" proxy. Not much is known about this being except that they are one of Slenderman's Proxies. She is believed to be a girl, and, thus far, is known only by a few characteristics. Based on a few sightings, she has dark brown, curly hair. She, according to witnesses, is known to wear a mask. Proxy with a mask? No, she's not masky. In Accord to witness testemony, Stitches wears more of a masked ball kind of mask, that only covers the top half of her face. other witnesses reportedly have seen her without her mask. Another trademark she's known by is the line of stitches that run along the edge of her mouth, hence the name stitches. Like other proxy, she does the bidding of slenderman, but she seems to be a bit more distant from him than others such as Masky. Being a newer addition to the "Proxy Team", there is still a lot to be learned about her.