Smiley is a proxy, he is the most mysterious and elusive one, not to mention the most dangerous and powerful. Smiley rarely presents himself to his victims or does not at all. He deeply loves torturing his victims physically, emotionally, and pychologically, he also likes to tease and taunt his victims. When victims enter Smiley's domain or playground he kills the victims with very brutal and terrible methods. He places all manners of traps around the environment and  very dangerous animals and insects. Why he's doing this is unknown...but when one of his victims asked him that question he simply responded,"Hehe...I'm just doing God's work...". While never making a full appearence, his avatar, a very morbid and creepy smiely face, is shown on the screen to the players when he announces himself and tells them the rules of his game.
Smile for me

"Show me a smile when I kill you"

Smiley and the Slender ManEdit

Like all proxies Smiley is loyal to the Slenderman, but he's far more loyal to him then any other proxy and will follow his orders without question or hesitation...Most likely because they will be 'fun'. Smiley seems to sense when his master is nearby or if he's coming, the signs are when he laughs, chuckles, and giggles like a complete sociopath. He has stated that he's doing God's work, the god he may be referring to is the Slender Man, Which would imply that he worships his master like a deity.
Creepy smiley

Smiley's card.

Smiley and the ProxiesEdit

Smiley doesn't communicate with his fellow proxies. It is implied that Smiley doesn't even like his fellow proxies. He has however shown interest in Blank Slate. When fellow proxies have been caught in his traps, he hasn't shown the slightest hint of regret or sadness. Smiley is also not interested in joining a proxy group, the reason for that is unknown, but it is implied that Smiley is a loner and prefers to do things on his own and doesn't require any aid.


  • Smiley seems have a likeing for Blank Slate.
  • Smiley has a complete absense of fear in any situation, all he does is smile and laugh insanely.
  • Smiley calls his domain: Smiley Land.
  • Smiley's quarters is made up of chains, hooks, saw, knives, nails, and numerous dangerous materials; it also has body parts such as heads, torsos, and arms.
  • Smiley has a great dislike for THECOMPOSER for reasons unknown, but he states that the way he operates is disappointing and he's "making fun of his work".
  • Smiley cannot be possessed by HABIT for some reason.
  • Fears have never interacted with Smiley, but Smiley states,"they are doing that for a good reason".
  • Smiley has accociates called Grins.
  • Before Smiley kills someone he always says,"Show me a smile."
  • Smiley loves to listen to Disturbed.
  • Smiley loves Nesair for an unknown reason.