the scarecrow symbol

Name: Cr0we

Title: ScareCr0we

Nationality: Probably American

Proxy Type: Unknown

Serves: The Slender Man(?)


They are usually seen wearing a poorly stiched burlap mask that resembles a scarecrow. They also wear a hangmans noose arround their neck, and occationally a cowboy or witch hat.

He has resurfaced recently, and has been seen wearing a burlap hoodie, with a grey and white stripped shirt. They also appear to have very pale skin, and long reddish hair, falling over their left eye, pinned up with hairpins arranged in the pattern "|X|", a square version of the opperator symbol. It has been noted that they have a very androgynous appearance, and a very feminine walking pattern.


They are a very mysterious and strange individual. They are very spontanious, chaotic, and carefree, and have little to no regard for pretty much anything that doesn't interest them. They largely or completely lack empathy, as well as having an inability to feel guilt. They appear to be loyal to their master, but their true intentions remain unknown. They claim to have his own agenda, which they seem to switch constantly, or reveal little parts (but not much). Recently they have taken an interest in a runner named Cecil Z.


  • Their status as a proxy is questionable, as well as everything else about them.
  • They are not to be all
  • They have a tendacy to start fires.
  • They reffer to themselves with gender neutral pronouns.



A revamp of their personal symbol.