Rose, the Find. aka, Red Eyes RosieEdit

Name: Rose

Title: The Find

Nationality: English / British

Proxy Type: Voice

Serves: The Devil Voice, Arthur.

Rose is not a Slender Man Proxy.

As with the other entities of The Ouija Man ( The Devil Voice ) she appeared to blend in with the Proxies of Slender Man to hide the dark and bloody secrets they kept hidden until recently exposed. They attempted to mislead the Blogger that had learned about what they truly were by imitating proxy-like behaviour, yet the evidence from their own past would creep along side them and eventually make it to another blog, where they were fully exposed as the Undead Vampiric Beings uncommonly known as The Voices of The Devil. Rose, The Find, was the first of the Eye Nein Proxies to turn up when the Knowings started her blog. Her eyes are red and she is commonly called 'Red Eyes Rosie' this is because she cries blood instead of tears. This can make her appearance rather disturbing. It is known that she will show herself to her victims in a mirror, as a crying reflection staring back at them, then appear before them as they turn to run.

It is said that her eyes are always bleeding and they always will. The windows to her soul were scathed by a sight that should never have been seen by human eyes, and since she witnessed such abomination, and she was taken by what came to exist that day: What is now known as her master - The Ouija Man, The Devil Voice, and Arthur.

Rose carries her own strain of infection, similar to Slender Sickness but nothing of the sort. This infection is her own blood reacting with the victims and resulting in a few days in hospital. 

Facts and SpeculationEdit

  • Rose will stalk "victims without fear.
  • If bitten by Rose it is likely that the change into her kind will be painful and slow.  
  • Rose has always feared her master.
  • Rose will appear several times in the reflection of mirrors before showing herself.
  • When her eyes bleed it means she's challenging her emotions or using her abilities.
  • She is best friends to Anne the User.
  • Rose will always find what she needs to, even the impossible.