Moses, the MarksEdit


Moses The Marks.

Name: Moses

Title: The Marks

Nationality: English / British

Proxy type: Voice

Serves: The Devil Voice

Moses the Marks is not a Slender Man Proxy, his face was partly ripped from his skull by The Ouija Man as he became another victim of his infection. His left side is scarred with a glowing white eye, and his right eye is pure black. It is thought that he is half Black Eyed Voice and has a vast knowledge of Black Magic.

Facts and SpeculationEdit

  • Moses was involved in the "claiming" of the Nameless for the Eyenein.
  • Moses is possibly one of the most dangerous of the Eyenein.
  • Moses is bound to his master, the Voice, and serves him without second questioning.
  • Moses appears when a person is at their strongest mentally, only to be broken piece by piece.
  • Moses stalks *human potential" for the Eyenein.
  • Moses will mark his words, and state his purpose before feeding on his victims and killing them.