Kiba Thompson used to be a proxy but recently left servitude to stsnd by her masters side with no obligations, this offer was given by the slenderman himself as she expressed that she wasnt really ordered by him anymore.

She looks like a normal human..most of the time


Originally Kiba was a runner who survived the onslaught for of the Fears for seven months.

She was hard to break and eventually she bumped right into the slenderman, he offered her a way out, a way to escape, while she was reluctant at first she eventually agreed, finding it better to live than die and he then claimed her as a servant, placing his mark on her neck.

After many months of servitude kiba excelled in her skills, whilst slenderman held off the fears.Until one day, kiba regrettably found clues towards her old house to find her family slaughtered by fears.Enraged she trained harder, working to do the impossible for any human.Kill a fear.

Slenderman kept watch over her, fascinated that this was the little girl he met so long ago and with a sigh, he called her iver to brief her of her next order.

After a long battle, Kiba successfully killed a fear but at a price, she was now half and half and was seemingly developing some feelings for Her only companion.

Extra FactsEdit

.Kiba now lives with the slenderman, the two are hardly seen apart Signalling a very close relationship, he is often seen showing brief signs of affection towards her and will protect her with his life

.while not a proxy anymore, kiba is very well respected throughout all the ranks unless they wish to anger the slenderman.

.Her loyalty to slenderman is very strong

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Slenderman and kiba


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