Name:Johnson Traveller

Proxy Type:None

Known Alias: Pater, Seraph, Prophet Eyes, Bellum Ultorem

The "man" known as Johnson is a enigma. He appears to be similar to a proxy in ablities and personality, but serves a different master with a different goal.  His most noticeable trait is that he has empty eye sockets.                                            


Johnson works for a being called "The Hitchhiker", a entity capable of similar feats to the Slenderman. The goals of said entity are unknown, seemingly involving collecting and safeguarding multiple artifacts from around the world that are of importance to multiple supernatural entities. He has often backstabbed proxies in pursuit of his goals and makes it clear he begrudgingly works with them.

In later messages, Johnson has stated that the Hitchhiker is at war with "The Faceless Interloper" and has repeatedly tried to quash efforts by normal humans to interfere. It is entirely possible that he and his master are no better than the various entities they fight.