Jerahmeel, as it calls itself, is a Operator-type Proxy entity of Class-1 risk level. Though appearing quite benign from appearance, their procivility to malicously influence agents in subtle ways with a telepathic field is merely the beginning of Jerahmeel's influence on the human mind.  


Upon first detections, Jerahmeel will appear as a orb of white light, as a precautionary measure. Agents deployed in Operator-influenced areas are to shoot any orbs pertaining to this description on visual contact, in order to reduce possible influence on mental affairs.

However,in the event of a Class-5 AUCTORITAS event, influenced person(s) will gain strange, almost unnaturally reckless tendency to explore and hunt down Operator-influenced artifacts, more than usual. Refer to After-Action Reports from 3rd Rosswood Campaign, for possible signs of influence.


In all cases, the above must be considered in order to preserve the lives of Agents and host nations.

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