Anne, the UserEdit

Anne Mabel

Anne Mabel

Name: Anne Mabel

Title: The User

Nationality: English / British

Proxy Type: Not a proxy, a Voice for Arthur.

Serves: A Vampiric being called Arthur

Anne is not a Slender Man Proxy. She is a product of Arthur's bloodlust, and need for retainers.

Facts and SpeculationEdit

  • Anne is a Voice, working for the Vampiric being known as Arthur.
  • Anne has I very strong need to imbibe in drinking blood, more so than other Voices. 
  • She is addicted to blood, and to her it has the effects of a powerful drug. Hence her name is TheUser.
  • If Anne tastes her own blood, she will hallucinate, or fall into a trance like state where she can tell of future events. Some events will happen and some have been changed but the events still occur.
  • Anne cannot be killed like a typical Vampire. However this is unconfirmed.
  • She will sleep in daylight hours.
  • Anne has tormenting thoughts and memories of each victim she kills.
  • Anne is loyal to Arthur, but feels remorse for her victims.