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4ft3r c4r3ful th0ught 4nd c0ns1d3r4t10n, 1 h4v3 4rr1v3d up0n 1 s0lut10n t0 0ur r3c3nt v3rm1n 1ssu3 0n th3 w1k1. My s1mpl3 r3m3dy 1s th4t w3 sl4sh 4t th3 r00ts. Cut th3m 0ff. G1v3 th3m n0 4tt3nt10n. Sur3ly l1k3 th3 d0m3st1c4t3d fl0w3rs th3y 4r3, p4y th3m n0 m1nd 4nd th3y w1ll w1th3r 4nd w1lt 1n th3 m0st qu13t 4nd 3ff1c13nt m4nn3r.

H0w3v3r, 1f th1s p3rs1sts, 1 w1ll n0t t0l3r4t3 1mpud3nce fr0m 1gn0r4nt ch1ldr3n.

Bl3ss3d b3 xx

Th3 4nt4g0n1st (talk) 09:57, December 16, 2013 (UTC)

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